Cutting to the Chase.

I'll try not to mention spanners in this bit.

Building the car took me about two and a half years from the delivery of the kit to me getting a number plate. To do this I needed to provide an engine and gearbox from a BMW K series motorcycle and round up an assistant in the person of my son, Alex, for the heavy lifting and tasks that needed two people, never mind two hands.
After I'd finished the car it needed to be registered, a process overseen by the DVLA; if a car is not registered you can't get a numberplate or insure it or drive it legally.
To get it registered it must first pass a Single Vehicle Approval test (SVA). SVAs are carried out by VOSA, a different agency. VOSA staff told me my car was exempt from taking an SVA test but they were unable to tell me how to go about registering a vehicle that would not have an SVA pass certificate.

Why did I do it?

I was happy riding motorbikes to commute, for pleasure and occasionally for work. Then this happened.

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What did I do?

The kit from Grinnall needs the engine and drive train from a watercooled BMW motorcycle.
I bought a bike and took it apart and then assembled the kit using the cannibalised parts.
That's the bit about the bike; the rest of the construction information is here.

Registering the arachnid

The bureaucracy is stifling if you do not fit into their box.

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Looking back

It's all done now. These are a few observations.Click the pic
And some pictures